Charest’s government increased gas tax

It is true and confirmed. It is a few weeks now, that Charest increased the «Tax sur le Carburant provincial» (TCP) from 0.172$ to 0.182$, one full cent per litre.

During an economic crisis, while his revenues from small business increase, while Charest’s indirect taxes accumulate, this government does not return nothing to the citizens, but only uneducated young people, left to strive by themselves, to be educated, amounted with thousand of dollars of debt, with no secure future and work.

It is time for Mr Charest, with his neo-liberal ideology, not different of mr Harper’s, to go.

The student movement will lead the way, and for that his law 78 is nothing more but a paniced reaction, on one hand to serve his powerful friends and on the other to consolidate his power by enforcing a police state.