Every year, Mr Mayor does not forget to remind us that our hard work, our investment, the hard cash we put into our houses in order to maintain them, it is to his benefit.

Can you imagine? We put our money, and at the end the mayor comes and decides that he has to punish us, by charging us continuoulsy higher taxes.

Is Mr Mayor charging us in order to have a better city? It does not look like, from what the numbers say.

I do not know if I have to start from the negatives or the positives… No positives? No.

Take a look. The most money are spend for «PUBLIC SAFETY». 20.7% of the budget goes to public safety. Of course except police, other services are included, like firefighters. But have you seen a lot of hiring of firefighters? Ya right. That 20.7% remains constant, proving that the citizens are basically not trusted, and the Mayor does everything possible, to prove that the citizens are like him. It is a police state. Recently the police used tear gases against the university students who demonstrated against the tuition fees increase. 20.7% to SAVE us from expressing our opinion. It is a police state. The mayor does not believe in social services. He does not believe in providing an environment, where health, education, and shelter are priorities for the good of the citizens. When you look for a similar percentage in housing, education, recreation, sports, free clinics, you are not going to be lucky. «Au contraire» you will encounter increases in expenses like «corporate expenses», from 5.3% to 12%. Recreation and Culture is not productive, they cultivate the citizens and they act against the police state, so Mr Mayor decides to cut the expenses from 11.5% in 2004 to 9.6% in 2012. Add inflation, and the economic crisis and it is obvious that the current 9.6% buys much less than it seems.

Public security increases, recreation and culture decreases. Corporate expenses increase, social housing decreases from a mere 3.3% to 2%. The department of social housing, cannot respond to the infestation of the apartements by rats and mice, because there is «no money»!!!!!!! And let us not to forget; in this 2% also the food inspection division is included.

In 2004 transportation had a 15.8%. Suddenly the Public transit falls to 9.3% in 2012. Mr mayor has increased the tickets, transferring the burden to the most vulnerable, who commute with the public transit. At the same time he taxes the owners of the private cars, with a special levy.

The road network has a rather small value for the Mayor. Potholes are not his concern, anyways, a 4.7% is enough, as much as the budget for urban planning and development. Anyways what that is supposed to provide? but of course, new private investment to the construction industry.

But it is not only the budget that directs the citizens’ money towards the wrong expenses, to the expense of the less fortunate in the city. He expects that people without shelter, food, health care, and jobs are going to exercise illegal acts. Thus the high budget for the «police state».

The other impressive attack is against the property owners. Every year there is an increase of the municipal taxes not less than 3%. Now, please tell me who has a salary increase of at least 3% every year? never mind the 8% in 2005 and the 6% in 2010.

The manipulation of the property taxes, makes every citizen to admire Mr Mayor. Sometimes he splits the rate into two or three different rates. Once is 1.4577, the next year is 0.7449, but adding other special taxes with another rate 0.02704 for water tax, another 0.0073 for road tax, another 0.4320, another 0.0208 and another 0.0063 for a total of 1.2299 for different kind of services, for which we have already paid in our general tax.. It is the period that he adds about 20 000$ in the evaluation and decreases the rate, so the owners not to get angry. He splits the rate as well, so to look reduced and closes our eyes. We become blind, and we do not understand that he successfully charged us a 3% increase, which in the next two years will also go up to 4%, 5% and 6%. Then increases the evaluation and starts over, 3%, 4%, 5%, 6% till 2014, and repeat that procedure. As a result the owners end up paying for their own home. A home that have built or purchased and it belongs to them. In reality it belongs to the bank and Mr Mayor. We just live in our houses, we do not really own them. E can not die in them, because we cannot afford to do so.

My 50 years old house continues to pay every year a significant junk of money, and it is very controversial, to expect that whenever you will renovate and make your house a little better, Mr Mayor will increase your taxes. In ten years I pay 1000$ more, without any improvement; I have the same and even worse services.

The Mayor knows that there is no one to speak out for the citizens, whom he terorises with the hidden police radars and the parking tickets. A police state, which has to be brought down and rebuilt as a democratic entity.