The municipal hypocricy – Does he have his priorities straight?

I refer to the City of Montreal and its Mayor Mr. Tremblay. He repeatedly has misguided the citizens of Montreal. It has become public knowledge that he enforces quotas on the security forces. The police-persons hide behind bridges, parking lots, and everywhere they can spy the citizens and stop drivers, to give them tickets, most of them over 120$. The police refused that the policepersons had quotas, but lately they admitted it, the policepersons themeselves. Therefore, they lied to the citizens who pay their salaries. But who is going to bring them to justice? Canadians are very tolerant people. May be because they did not starve yet. There is always a little help from the big brother, like food banks, social assistance, and good people. I saw a lady, claiming, out of a fruit and vegetable shop, that she has 3 children and cannot feed them. The person listened to her and gave her 10$. There are good people, indeed.Oh, yes the city of Montreal and its mayor.

Well, before the taxes were about to be published for 2011, the news came out «a new tax on the car owners will be imposed-40$ per year», «because the home owners», the mayor said «have been taxed enough and no new tax increases will be imposed on the homeowners». We knew it was a lie, like the refusal of imposed ticket-quotas to the police-persons. Indeed it was a lie. When I received my municipal tax account for 2011, I noticed that the amount, I had to pay, in two installments, had been increased, based on the assessment they did (assessment: from 266 600$ to 288 833$).

The General Tax had the rate decreased from 0.9667/100$ in 2010, to 0.9228/100$, but the amount to be paid increased from 2 577.22 to 2 665.35, a difference of almost 88$.
This is of course an administrative plot. This is why: The rate rarely goes down. He decreased this rate, because he increased the tax base from 266 600$ to 288 833$, and they did not want us to resist. So we swallowed his tax pil. Next year they will probably increase the rate, again and there you are, to pay well over 3 000$, for a house which is 60 years old.

[UPDATE Dec. 6, 2011: indeed in December 2011, the mayor announced that an increase of 2-3% will be imposed]SPECIAL TAX CONCERNING WATER SERVICE
However, adding to the general tax, there is a special tax concerning water service; its rate went up from 0.0469/100$ to 0.0551/100$ or from 125.04$ to 159.15$

On the top (something that did not exist in 2009) there is a special tax concerning roads (I am wondering where Mr Tremblay was supposed to spend the general taxes, if not on the roads, amongst other services). However, this rate is for 2011 0.0051$/100$ from 0/100$ (in 2010).

Then there is the Borough tax, concerning capital expenditures. These capital expenditures tax went up from 0.042$/100$ to 0.0529$/100$. If someone wants to know about this tax, here is the answer: «this tax is imposed to repay the loans contracted, for the realisation of projects under the program of capital expenditures of the borough, e.g. road work». Apparently these are other roads, different than the special tax concerning roads, which is to finance expenditures related to roads.
But, just a minute, if we pay tax to finance roads, why do we borrow money and then we pay tax to pay off the loans?

Special tax concerning water services…
This tax is imposed to finance expenditures related to the supply of water.
So we pay tax for the supply of water. Fine. But, at the same time I receive yearly another invoice to pay, for water. Specifically, this second invoice is exclusively, for water. It goes somewhat like this:
WATER TAX for 365days/365 days 25.00$/unit
It tells me that I pay for the meter every year 25$. Imagine how many dollars they collected for this meter, which is in the house for 10 years: 250$ (the previous one was for about another 50 years). Yes, this meter should have gold plates inside. I will continue to pay, 25$ if no more, for this unit, in the future.
Then I pay for consumption. I am allowed to consume 228 M3, at no extra charge. If, however, I need to spend more water, I am charged 0.396$ per M3.

Before summer another tax is mailed in. This is for SCHOOL TAX purposes.
From 2010-07 to 2011-06 the rate was 0.23841$/100$. Based on the 266 600$ value of the house, I ended up to pay 635.60$.
Obviously, when they will mail in the new statement, it will be based on the new value 288 833$, and may be on a new rate.

This year, Mr Tremblay is aiming to spend our taxes as follows:
Public security 20.7% – 21.8% (2009)
Debt service 16.9% – 18.5% (2009)
Recreation and culture 10.0% – Skating Rings, swimming pools, palying fields and others 6.7% & libraries, community centres and others 4.1%) 10.8%(2009)
Public transit 9.9% – 9.1% (2009)
Corporate expenditures 8.9% – 5.3% (2009)
General Administration 8.1% – 8.7% (2009)
Water and Sewers 6.2% – 6.0% (2009)
Roads Network 4.7% – 5.1% (2009)
Land development, urban planning and economic development 4.6% – 4.4$ (2009)
Waste collection and Environment 4.5% – 6.0% (2009)
Snowing removal 3.3% – 3.4% (2009)
Social housing, food inspection and other 2.2% – 2.5% (2009)

So what are your daily most important concerns?

My concerns are:

  1. to feel secure in my neighborhood
  2. to be able to leave my home, prepare for work and feel comfort when I return to my home.
  3. to go to work on time and fast
  4. to make sure that all citizens have the same basic amenities
  5. to improve the quality of life via arts and entertainment

Based on these priorities I expect:

  1. money to be invested in community services, like social programs, psychological support and assistance for students and single mothers as well as low income families, excellent social housing, arts and entertainment close to neighborhoods, security monitoring.
  2. effective police investigation
  3. uninterrupted provision of water, heat, electricity, waste collection
  4. clean, well maintained roads

Therefore, I would expect in the following order the taxes to be spent on:

  1. Debt Service
  2. Community Services (Social housing, Recreation and culture, social services, security monitoring)
  3. Water and sewers, waste collection and environment, snow removal
  4. Roads network, public transit
  5. Police security
  6. General Administration
  7. Land development, urban planning and economic development
  8. Corporate expenditures, food inspection and others

You may observed that the Corporate expenditures were increased from 5.3% to 8.9%. Why the corporate expenditures had that unbalanced increase, only the mayor knows. Only he knows why the corporate expenditures increase dramatically and the social housing decreases, the snow removal decreases, the waste collection and environment decreases, the culture fund decreases, the roads network decreases, and our taxes increase.

Does he have his priorities straight?